Privacy Policy

The Japan Society of Health Support Science is taking appropriate precautions to reasonably use and protect personal information. Personal information means information that could be used to identify a specific individual including name, date of birth, address, occupation, e-mail address, password, access log to the web-site of the Society, or other such information (including instances where through collation with other information it would be possible to identify a specific individual). The Society will designate a person, or persons, responsible for taking measures for the reasonable control and protection of the Society’s personal information. Also from time to time, the personal information protection policy and procedures will undergo review. In principle, the Society will not submit or disclose any member’s personal information to any third party. If the Society requests that a member submit personal information, the intended purpose of such information, the person in charge of handling that information, etc., will be clearly stated to the member in advance. The Society will comply with all applicable laws and regulations for the purpose of protecting personal information submitted by members.